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Standoff over Imus mayoralty drags on

By Gerg Cahiles

The standoff over the mayoralty of Imus City continued on Tuesday as Emmanuel Maliksi and Homer Saquilayan battled it out to be recognized by the people as their chief executive.

As of this posting, Maliksi was still holding office at the City Hall, where he stayed overnight together with his supporters.

On the hand, Saquilayan temporarily set up a small office on Aguinaldo Highway near City Hall.

Both Maliksi and Saquilayan claim to be the duly-elected Mayor of Imus.

Saquilayan backed up his claim with a resolution issued by the Supreme Court on March 12 and writ of execution issued by the Commission on Elections,  which declared him as the duly-elected mayor.

Maliksi argued that he had already filed a motion for reconsideration before the Supreme Court on Monday and that he rejected the Comelec writ of execution.

Tensions at City Hall ran high as supporters of Maliksi stayed in the compound, ready to ward off anyone who would attempt to unseat their mayor.

That happened on Monday when Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla accompanied Comelec officials to serve the writ of wxecution.

This prompted the Philippine National Police to deploy hundreds of policemen to secure the area.

But it's the ordinary citizens of Imus who had to bear the brunt of the power struggle.

Because of very strict security measures being imposed by Maliksi's supporters, not everyone is allowed to transact and enter the City Hall premises

Maliksi explained that they were doing this because he did not want his constituents to be hurt in case the Saquilayan camp would attempt to get in.

The issue on who must really sit as the mayor of Imus may be resolved by the Supreme Court if it will come up with a decision on Maliksi's motion for reconsideration.

Meanwhile, the battle between Maliksi and Saquilayan would continue, as they face each other again in the May 2013 elections.

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