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Barangay election clock starts ticking

By Paola Palma

Government officials and candidates prepare for the upcoming Barangay elections on October 28 with the election ban starting this Saturday.

The election period for the barangay election begins September 28 and will ends on November 12, a month and a half later.

During the election period, government appointments, promotions, the creation of new positions and raising salaries in government offices are prohibited.

The alteration of territory of a polling precinct or the establishment of a new precinct is also not allowed.

Prohibited likewise are fund-raising activities through such events as dances, lotteries, cockfights and the like.

A gun ban will be in effect, and the use of security personnel or bodyguards by candidates whether or not these are regular members of the Philippine National Police or the Armed Forces of the Philippines or other law enforcement agencies, is prohibited.

There are 42,028 barangays in the country, with candidates vying for 336,224 elective positions nationwide, from barangay chairman to councilors.  

The filing of certificates of candidacy is from October 11 to 17.

The campaign period officially begins on the 18th of October and ends on the 26th.

During this period, candidates cannot make any donation, use armored vehicles, and use special policemen or agents.

Construction or maintenance of provincial, city, municipal or barangay funded roads and bridges are also suspended.

Premature campaigning is also punishable by law.

A liquor ban will be in effect on the eve of elections until the end of the election period.

Flying voters will be apprehended.

Soliciting votes or conducting any propaganda for or against any candidate within 30 meters of the polling place is not allowed.

The holding of fairs, cockfights, boxing, horse races or similar sports are also prohibited.

Charges of violating the Omnibus Election Code await those who will not abide by these and other relevant rules prescribed by the Commission on Elections.

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